How to Choose the Safe Skin Creams for you

Safe Skin Creams

safe skin creamsSafe Skin Creams – Beauty is always more than skin deep. An average person nowadays lathers and sprays 10 or more different skin care products on their body every day. As we all know our skin acts more like a sponge, we are absorbing the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly exposed ourselves too. FDA and cosmetic companies are doing their best to maintain that these chemicals are safe.

Here are some tips on how to choose the safe skin creams for you.

  • Simplify- Don’t get fooled by cosmetic advertising. Lotions, potions and myriad creams located at the drugstores and cosmetic counters are used to make promises that they could never deliver on. All the fancy products in the world will never make the tide of aging turn so better keep it simple. All you need is a basic cleanser, moisturizer, toner and a broad-spectrum of sunscreen in keeping your skin in shape.
  • Make sure “Natural” is really Natural- The biggest issue in the beauty industry today is about toxic synthetic chemicals. It is really better to keep a keen eye in examining product labels for unfortunately “natural” and “all-natural” were not really regulated labeling terms. A great resource is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database site. This site rates cosmetics and personal care products with hazard scores within 0-10 scale depending on its toxicity.
  • Say NO to fragrance- We can see a loophole in a federal law and that is when they don’t require any company to declare any of the toxic chemicals that a single product’s mixture of fragrance could contain. An artificial fragrance frequently contains substances that could possibly trigger allergic reactions and other health problems. Always be mindful and be very careful of the hidden dangers brought by fragrance or parfums. It is really advisable to check the ingredients listed on the labels and choose the fragrance free products.
  • Choose organic grooming products- Organic ingredients are those ingredients grown without synthetic fertilizers which makes it a lot healthier for the planet and for our bodies. Botanicals that are grown using farming methods called bio dynamic which is going beyond organic by simply emphasizing holistic relationship between the soil, plants and animals. Engaging with organic beauty products and grooming products is much healthier than that of products that are not.
  • Stay Healthy- Staying beautiful inside and out also means being healthy. You don’t have to resort to flurry lotions, surgical face lifts and chemical peels just to get the fresh and glowing skin. Exercise and proper diet should always play their vital roles in your own skincare regimen as well for working up a good sweat just to keep nutrient carrying blood circulating throughout your body. Always make sure to feed yourself with plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fruits and drink plenty glasses of water for they are boons in cleansing out toxins that might show up on your skin.