Different Stones And Its Effect On Human Being

You must have seen people wearing different kind of rings in their hand that has stones in it. They say, after wearing these stones, change has come into their life and now they are feeling more strengthen and positive towards life.

Do you believe stone can do the treatment of disease prevailing in the human body? If your answer is no, then you should know the scientific reasons of it. The stones are the natural creation and the strength it possesses comes from different sources that are present on the earth. It is not like all stone holds same property and strength. Different stones have different property and used for natural energy therapy, it has to be worn on different parts of the body. Some should be worn in the fingers and some need to be kept near the chest.

Stones and its properties

• Rock crystal

This is the rock crystal that comes in different shape and color. This is the stone of the crown chakra. The stone is known to gain clarity, awareness, improved memory and understanding. It is the stone that could be worn on any part of the body to get the benefits associated with it.

• Amethyst

This is the stone of the third eye and comes in violet color. The physical benefits that a person gets from this stone are healthy intestine, lungs, skin, brain and nerves. And the mental benefits that are associated with the stone are inner peace, transformation of mankind, clearing perception, cognition.

• Aquamarine

This is the stone of the throat chakra. It comes in the light blue color. The physical benefits of the stone are it helps in curing thyroid problem, different types of allergies, immune related disease and sore throat. The mental benefits of wearing this stone include the person will get better self-determination; communication of the person will improve. Vision and concentration power of the person get improved.

• Tesla pendant

This is the other stone that has the healing property. The stone is primarily worn over the thymus. It strengthens the energy of the wearer. It adapts the matrix of the wearer and makes it stronger. The physical benefit that the wearer gets from this stone is a high level of energy in the body. This stone also has the remote energy healing property. So, the people around the stone also get benefited from this stone. Visit this link http://www.theenergyclinic.com.au/product-category/teslas-starhenge/ for more info on remote energy healing.

There are many more stones present other than this. Information about same could be collected from experts. They not only inform us about the properties of stone, but also guide us how to wear it.