Living With IBS; The Myths Busted

Have you been diagnosed with IBS? If so you might now not be a stranger to the many notions that are attributed to the condition. In order to battle with a condition that is deemed manageable and not entirely curable one crucial step to take is knowing the facts from the myth. Here are some of the most often heard of beliefs about the condition with its real situation explained.

You cannot recover from IBS because the cause is unknown

It is of course true that the origins of irritable bowel syndrome Melbourne remain idiopathic or unknown for the most part. In fact the diagnosis happens through eliminating other possible conditions rather than looking for conclusive results for the IBS itself. But the notion that you can never overcome the disease is something that is a bit of a stretch on its real nature. The condition can be managed to a great extent where it will not relapse even though the definition of the word idea of being permanently cured may not exactly sit within the parameters of IBS. There is still sufficient scientific findings and patient testimonials to suggest that this condition can of course be overcome.

You cannot live a normal life with IBS

Of course you can live a normal life with IBS. With the right lifestyle and eating habits, getting rid of unhealthy habits, low stress and the right avenues to which you can direct any negative energy you can actually work the way you would before you got the condition. For those with severe complications effective functional medicine is always an option from which you can control symptoms while working on your habits to find a more permanent solution. In the beginning of the disease you may feel like you are crippled with cramps, bloating and irregular bowel movements but with time one can inherently learn to avoid triggers and enjoy a normal routine.

You have a very restricted food range

The myth that you will never be able to enjoy certain types of food and therefore the notion that you now have a very bland and restricted range of food items to choose from is incorrect. As per a low FODMAP pattern you will have several categories of food that you need to avoid like oil spice, refined sugar and fast food which should ideally anyway be restricted even in a person who does not have IBS. In addition to this, specialists recommend trying out all food and eliminating trigger items only because while water melon for example might trigger IBS in one individual it will sit normally with another. You only have to let go of what you really cannot take comfortably.