Children\’s Dentistry

If you are a parent of a new born or a pre-teen, then it’s extremely important to maintain their hygiene. Here is what you can do to provide the best care for their growing teeth.

Care for babies.

Most find cosmetic dentist at Hobart now offer children dentistry too. As it is essential for children to have a smooth introduction to dentistry, you should be sure to go to a team of friendly, caring and compassionate professionals to make the child feel comfortable at the practice.

You can apply for child dental schedules and be served an array of services. These include general check-ups, X-rays if needed, cleaning of teeth, filling, extractions and many more.

Apart from the care provided by experts at dentistry, you as a parent can also do basic dental care for infants and children. You can prevent childhood tooth decay by ensuring that the other family members practice good dental hygiene. This reduces the risk of transferring tooth decay bacteria to your child. Moreover, apart from breastfeeding, if the baby is fed by a bottle, do not keep it in child’s mouth after it has been finished as the acids in the liquid of milk or formula can cause acid build up. Also, provide healthy nutritious food to maintain healthy gums and avoid foods that have high concentration of sugar and starch.

Care for pre-teens/young adults

Caring for the dental hygiene of a preteen or a young adult is a bit tougher as this is the age that their daily consumption of sugary and starchy food is really high. And in more cases that not, children do not pay much attention when brushing their teeth, leading to early tooth decay. Next page for dentists in Hobart.

If your child has already decayed teeth, or discoloured or damaged ones, then a visit to the dentist is a must. You can get teeth whitening done that restores the teeth to a natural white, and to repair the damage and discolouration you can do a dental bonding which is a composite applied to be shaped to the natural form of the teeth.

However, if your child has regularly maintained hygienic teeth, then there are many ways to care for their dental hygiene at home. One way is to use “safe to swallow” fluoride toothpaste. This prevents the epidemic of childhood tooth decay in your children. Secondly you can teach your child the good and recommends techniques of brushing their teeth for two minutes, paying good attention to all the corners of the mouth. And lastly, it’s vital to floss, both for children and adults.